Family Advocacy and Case Management

WORD believes that all families have the capacity to determine their own needs and the ability to be economically self-sufficient and supportive of their children’s education.Family Resource and Futures

Families in Transition (FIT)

FIT assists families with children in Missoula County who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless to stabilize and secure housing, set and achieve self-determined family goals, and address barriers to self-sufficiency.  The overarching goal of the program is to stabilize families and promote self-determination by providing information and mentoring, skill-building opportunities, and help in navigating community resources and developing support systems. For more information, please contact Kim Hope or Kaila Tamcke or call 406.543.3550.


Futures is a free and voluntary program that helps young parents build a secure future for themselves and their children.  For more information, please email  Becky Margolis at

Futures provides the following services to young families:

Family Advocacy

Appointments can be scheduled individually for:

-accessing community resources

-housing counseling

-educational support

-job readiness training

Life Skills Workshops

Once a month, Futures offers a wide range of skill-building workshops

Parenting Classes and Support

Circle of Security & Love and Logic parenting classes are scheduled on a regular basis. Child development assessments can be provided by trained advocates.

Family Fun

Once a month, Futures hosts a Family Fun event filled with fun family-centered activities.

Peer Education Panel

A team of trained Futures parents talk to their peers in local high schools about the realities and responsibilities of early parenting, with a focus on teen pregnancy prevention


A group of young parents create and lead projects, build skills of their choice and discover ways to improve our program.

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