Missoula Gives $30 for 30 More Years!

Missoula Gives (formerly known as Give Local) takes place on May 4th and 5th and is a powerful and growing 24-hour, online and in-person giving event organized by the Missoula Community Foundation (MissoulaCF) to grow philanthropy in the Missoula area by connecting donors to the nonprofits that make Missoula so special. The community goal is to raise $300,000 from 3000 donors, and we can do it with your help!

Help us celebrate our 30th anniversary by donating to WORD on May 4th and 5th so we can continue to empower women and strengthen families for another 30 years! Any amount helps, and will bring us closer to our $30,000 anniversary goal. So get on board and give to WORD during Missoula Gives!

Word/Futures: Peer Education Panel


     Peer Educational Panel         symbol.jpg

The Futures program announces the start of the 2016 Peer Educational Panel presentation series. The Peer Educational Panel is devoted to educating adolescents about teen pregnancy prevention.  The task of the panel members is to give young people the information they need to make responsible and informed choices regarding young parenthood. They aim to reduce risk-taking behaviors that can lead to unintended pregnancy. 

symbol 2     The risk factors panel members address include unprotected sexual activity and the use of alcohol and illegal drugs among adolescents. Panel members share their personal stories and experiences to help their peers understand what it is like to be a young parent.  The panel engages the audience in a frank and honest conversation while discussing the hardships, sacrifices and shortcomings of teen parenting.  Panel members encourage youth to consider the consequences of their actions in the hope that teenagers will delay becoming parents until they are financially stable and in a healthy, committed relationship. If you are interested in booking a PEP presentation please call Bernie or Becky at 406-543-3550.



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